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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I don’t like trendy business books, self-appointed life coaches, or motivational experts – for many reasons that I won’t got into here.

That said, I must say I was truly inspired by watching a documentary this weekend – I Am Not Your Guru – on Tony Robbins and his “Date with Destiny” seminar. The guy is amazing. He’s worth more than half a billion dollars because he may be the best group therapist who ever lived. Watch the film and I guarantee you that you’ll be inspired.

The best takeaway for me was that it reminded me of the old adage, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Those aren’t the exact words Robbins uses, but that is the message. And it is so true – in life and in business.

Anyone who is an owner or manager of an A/E business will have setbacks. People quit. Clients fire you. People let you down. Clients don’t pay. You don’t get jobs you go after. There are plenty of opportunities to “get stronger” every day. You can either let these things ruin your day/week/year/life, or you can learn from them and use the lessons to help you do even better in the future.

I think we can all benefit from this thinking. Life should be a learning experience. Keep learning, and you’ll keep growing and winning. Decide you won’t learn – withdraw from the game, get mad, be defeated – and you are the loser.

Which do you want to be? You choose how you respond. Every time I make the choice to be a learner and not be defeated, new things suddenly become possible.

How about you?

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