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When you are down

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“When we are going through times like this, we all have a choice. We can sit back and think of all the reasons why we are in the mess we are in, or we can take action to change the situation.”

Sometimes things just don’t seem to go well. It’s as if the whole world has conspired against you to allow everything bad to happen that you hoped never would. As they say, “Things are the blackest before they go completely dark!”

When we are going through times like this, we all have a choice. We can sit back and think of all the reasons why we are in the mess we are in, OR we can take action to change the situation. My experience is this – even if the action proves unsuccessful, you will at least feel better because you TRIED! Here are some examples:

  • Bad relationship – divorce, separation, breakup? Get a NEW relationship. There’s nothing better to take your mind off the past and get you into the present than a new love interest. And in today’s age of computerized match-making, you can probably find your soul mate in 30 minutes or less, IF you are willing to make the effort.
  • Personal money problems? Sell off unneeded assets and stop spending so damn much! No magic to this one. Most of us have cars/bikes/real estate/art/junk we don’t need. Liberate yourself and get liquid starting today. And cut back on all those restaurant meals and other unnecessary expenses where you can quickly and easily do so.
  • Not getting along with someone at work? Take the initiative to form a better relationship. Make the first move. Apologize if you did something that offended him or her. Be a better person yourself.
  • Need more work? Get on the phone NOW. Call your current clients and past clients. Check in. Keep calling. My guess is you will quickly turn up some new jobs to do.
  • Need to collect some cash? Call the people who owe you. Stop sending statements. Stop sending emails. Pick up the phone and call them. Or even better yet, if the client is local, stop by their office at lunch with a couple of your fellow employees to see if you can pick up a check.
  • Feeling bad physically? Go to the doctor. Eat better. Sleep more. Exercise. Go see a shrink.
  • Problem employee? Confront them. Then they either reform or ship out. You cannot go on with this as an excuse for your firm’s or group’s poor performance.
  • Not happy with your attorneys/accountants/bank? Get new ones. It just takes a little calling around. Sometimes your professional services advisors get stale and a shuffle is in order.

Make the change.

Mark Zweig is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at

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