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TZL podcast: Mark Zweig on unexpected departures

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In our brand new podcast format, we interview Mark Zweig, CEO of Zweig Group about an article he recently wrote in The Zweig Letter about dealing with the unexpected departure of an employee. ( "When a Key Person Jumps Ship," Issue 1160, 7/18/16). Mark and I spoke at length about ways that you can deal with the sudden departure of a key team member. It can be an unsettling time for some, but with proper planning, your firm can avoid that uneasy feeling when you lose someone that has the keys to everything in your organization. Mark talks about how you deal with this issue and also helps you understand that every departure is not equal or necessarily a bad thing. Remember the phrase "Addition by subtraction!" sometimes it can be that simple. Dealing with unexpected departures from an AEC Design Firm requires planning and coordination among HR and the firm leadership to allow for a smooth transition, dealing with client management issues, and figuring out if and when you need to fill the open position. In more than three decades Mark Zweig has seen it all from an HR perspective and shares some great employment ideas in this podcast. Enjoy the latest iteration of The Zweig Letter podcast and let us know what you think about the new format. See you next week! Additional Information: Contact: @MarkZweig Sponsor: Subscribe to The Zweig Letter for free! For more information on The Zweig Letter Podcast contact Randy Wilburn or @RandyWilburn

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