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TZL podcast: Tony Mirchandani, M&A Expert

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In this latest episode of The Zweig Letter podcast, we talk with Tony Mirchandani, CEO of RTM Associates based in South Barrington, IL. Tony breaks down the company culture at RTM and the importance of encouraging the different generations represented in his organization. He breaks down how RTM has developed Millenials and how they have leveraged their Zweig Group Hot Firm and Best Firm to Work For awards. Tony was also featured in a recent TZL article discussing how his firm expanded their footprint with the acquisition of a smaller Texas firm. This was RTM's sixth acquisition in the past few years. All of which they have done on their own. Hear about all of this and also where Tony has traveled recently and his favorite show on Netflix to binge watch. If you are a growth-oriented firm and are looking to possibly do a merger or acquisition this is the podcast episode for you. In addition, if you need M&A help or advice please feel free to reach out to our Director of M&A, Jamie Claire Kiser. Jamie can be reached at Mention this podcast and she will take great care of you. See you next week! Additional Information: Contact: Tony Mirchandani Sponsor: Subscribe to The Zweig Letter for free! For more information on The Zweig Letter Podcast contact Randy Wilburn @RandyWilburn

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