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TZL podcast: Brenden Sherrer, M&A Consultant, Zweig Group

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In this episode of the podcast, Randy Wilburn speaks with Brenden Sherrer, an M&A consultant with Zweig Group. They covered a number of topics, including Sherrer’s experience after joining Zweig Group and the overall view of millennials in the workplace – what they expect and how to achieve the best outcome when adding them to the team. They also discussed the importance of finding mentors and how to avoid one of the biggest clashes between firm leadership and millennials. They closed by discussing some of the things that attract millennials to one firm over another and it's not always about money! Sherrer said recruiting millennials is about blending financial compensation and benefits, and that encouragement and support of time spent with family goes a long way. Sherrer mentioned a book that he read recently that has made a big impression on him: The Road to Character. This quote stood out to Sherrer: "We can be knowledgeable with other men's knowledge but we can't be wise with other men's wisdom. That's because wisdom isn't a body of information, it's the moral quality of knowing what you don't know and figuring out a way to handle your ignorance, uncertainty, and limitations." If you want to learn more about attracting millennials to your firm, this is the episode for you! Additional information: Contact: Brenden Sherrer For more information on The Zweig Letter podcast contact Randy Wilburn: twitter: @RandyWilburn Sponsor: Subscribe to The Zweig Letter for free! Click here for a free digital subscription to Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine!

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