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2016 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool

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2016 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool


The 2016 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool is an excel based tool developed to help firm leaders make real-time decisions that impact firm performance and profitability.

The 2016 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool will help you:

  • Compare your firm’s financial performance to other firm's
  • Understand how the allocation of funds impacts your metrics
  • Improve financial statements and accounting methods–make sure your documents are in order
  • Maximize profitability

The 2016 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool contains several different major financial performance statistics so you can find out exactly where your firm stands among your peers. Use the data from the overall sample or take advantage of the details in the tables to compare your firm to others by type, size, region of headquarters, growth rate, client base and more.

Key financial statistics. This tool allows users to analyse over 30 metrics in a variety of ways that can help firm leaders examine firm performance and profitability. Performance metrics based on net service revenue, profitability, labor multipliers, turnover, etc. show firms exactly how they stand compared to the competition. 

Get the full 2016 Financial Performance Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms to see more data:

All of this and more is laid out in this comprehensive report, complete with charts and graphs to help you get a handle on the big picture. If you want to know how your firm’s performance stacks up, the 2016 Financial Performance Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms has ALL the answers you’re looking for. Get your copy today!


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