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2020 Marketing Excellence Award Entry
Zweig Group

2020 Marketing Excellence Award Entry


Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Awards recognize outstanding and effective marketing in our industry. Choose one category or multiples.

This year, award-winning entries will be showcased throughout the Elevate AEC Conference providing firms national recognition as well as a venue to showcase their talent and expertise in a dramatic setting. Award entries will be judged by an external team of senior AEC marketing professionals and evaluated based upon overall creativity, messaging, results achieved by the campaign, and level of design.

Additionally, the top three winners in each category will be on display at the conference for industry peers to vote on for the “People’s Choice Award.”

Application Guide

Step 1: Register your firm and pay the application fee for each category that you will be entering.

Step 2: Complete your entry online. There will be a short survey to get some demographic data, an information section, and an area to submit supporting material.

Step 3: Evaluation- Each entry will be evaluated by a panel of senior marketing professions. Winners from each category will be chosen and notified that they won.

Step 4: Winners complete their photographic display panels to be displayed at the 2020 Elevate AEC Conference.

Step 5: Register for the 2020 Elevate AEC Conference.

Categories include:

  • Advertising- An individual print or digital advertisement or ad campaign.
  • Brochure- A print or digital publication describing your firm’s general capabilities.
    New Identity Launch - A consistent graphic image applied to your firm’s print and/or digital collateral materials for the launch of a new corporate identity.  
    Identity Rebrand - A consistent graphic image applied to your firm’s print and/or digital collateral materials for the purposes of rebranding your firm.

  • Integrated Marketing /Brand Awareness- Both printed and digital methods of distribution such as emails, direct mail, display ads, banner ads on a third-party website, or other components that take place over an extended period of time to promote brand awareness of your firm.

  • Holiday- A print or digital piece produced for one-time use to promote brand awareness of your firm during a holiday (holiday card, e-card, party invitation, client-appreciation gift, etc.).

  • Internal Marketing- Campaign designed for an employee audience to increase communication and collaboration within a firm or division. Examples include: Company Intranets, recognition program, awards program, or communications associated with mergers, acquisitions, or new business-line initiatives.

  • Newsletter - External- A newsletter conceived and created by your firm, with content developed internally, intended for external distribution. The intended audience is clients and/or potential clients, teaming partners, peers, local business press, and other interested parties. 

  • Newsletter - Internal- An internal, employee-focused publication produced via print or digital media.

  • Project Pursuit- Item(s) that were used in support of winning a single project. Materials can include anything that was used to win a project including; qualifications packages, proposals, presentations, interview tools, leave-behinds, or other pieces that contributed to the total effort.

  • Recruitment/Retention Communication- A program designed to recruit potential or retain current employees through print and/or electronic communications, including but not limited to ads, brochures, form letters, pamphlets, postcards, announcements, and email promotions.

  • Social Media- Any marketing effort that utilizes online social media tools to provide a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and user interaction. May be one platform or a combination of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn as well as blog posts or podcasts).

  • Special Event Marketing- A marketing piece produced for a one-time event (i.e., charity event, an anniversary celebration, open house, community event, rebranding celebration, etc.). Entry should include visual proof (i.e., pictures) and all marketing materials used to promote the event. 

  • Video- A video that either promotes your firm or has been created by your firm for a specific project pursuit; a video created for external communications; or a video created for internal communications.

  • Website- A public website that either promotes your firm or has been launched by your firm for a specific project.


  • June 1st, 2020- Entries must be submitted online
  • June 2020- Winners notified

Winners will receive awards at the 2020 Elevate AEC Conference and be featured in The Zweig Letter, Zweig Group press releases, and promoted through Zweig Group’s other marketing channels.

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