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2016 Cell Phone & Mobile Device Spotlight Survey

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Zweig Group

2016 Cell Phone & Mobile Device Spotlight Survey


More than ever, company provided cell phones and mobile devices are among the most popular benefits provided by A/E/P and environmental firms. 

Zweig Group’s newest mini survey, available in pdf format only, provides firm leaders with information on peers’ provision of cell phones and/or mobile devices for employees. Topics covered in the survey include:

Companies cell phone and/or mobile device provision. Are firms providing phones or offering reimbursements for employees’ bills? If the former, who chooses the device?

Employee cell phone and mobile device usage. What work tasks are employees using their devices for? How often? Are these devices used for non-work activities? What types of apps do they use most often? 

Device policies. If firms provide mobile devices, are there policies in place to govern their usage? Is there a policy about who receives a device and/or reimbursement? 

Mobile service providers. Is there a most popular mobile service provider and/or device brand within the industry? 

Firm apps. Do A/E/P and environmental firms offer their own apps? If so, what are they most commonly used for? 

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