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ElevateHER™ Sponsorship

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ElevateHER™ Sponsorship


We are looking for sponsors and patrons to prevent finances from becoming a barrier for anyone willing to give their time to support ElevateHER™, a mission to increase diversity and inclusion in the AEC industry, benefiting greater recruiting and retention.

In exchange, the outcome of the ElevateHER™ class of 2022 will be specific action plans that you can implement in your firms. The findings will be presented at ElevateAEC Conference 2022, and the entire industry will be able to access the results and implementation plans. Our goal is to provide tools that benefit the entire AEC industry, and that means making our work widely available.

Funds will support bringing the group together to meet as we launch and to re-convene in-person at the conclusion of the program. We will also use funds to bring in experts to give our cohorts guidance as they identify the challenges they seek to confront. 

If you are interested in becoming a patron, please click here. We will be sending out a special public announcement and will list all patron firms and individuals. 

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