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Episode 5 - How You Can Become a Better Financial Manager : Accounting 101 (Quiz)
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Episode 5 - How You Can Become a Better Financial Manager : Accounting 101 (Quiz)


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About the Course:

Episode 5 in Zweig Group's ZLearning series. Project Management is more than just designing a project and managing people you also have to keep track of the financials on a project to make sure that you don't lose your shirt in the process.  Learn the basics of project financial management and what it takes to serve the needs of your client without blowing the budget. 

A crash course on the accounting, financial tools, and best practices that project managers can employ to be successful on a project by project basis. This video demonstrates how to use different multimedia formats for your proposals. Join AEC Industry Expert, Jamie Claire Kiser, Accountant Robert McCauley, and your host Randy Wilburn for an in-depth look at all things financial.  

Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Students will learn what a Fee rate is and how they are developed
  2. Students will develop techniques to identify Scope Creep
  3. Students will develop techniques to correct Scope Creep
  4. Students will learn the importance of keeping track of Work in Process (WIP) and the differences between "Good WIP" and "Bad WIP"

And more...

Check out a sample of the video HERE

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